Mixing 24|48 Tracks - Web Attended  Session


Benvenuti nel nostro servizio di Mixing Web Attended!

Ora i nostri servizi sono facilemente acquistabili online.

Potrai interagire in video con i nostri Sound Engineers da casa tua e vivere l'esperienza come fossi qui con noi ascoltando in tempo reale lo streaming audio senza nessuna perdita qualitativa.


N.B. questo servizio è su appuntamento. Una volta acquistato attendere di essere contattati dal nostro team per scegliere una data disponibile. 




(Per il missaggio da singole tracce dare un'occhiata al prodotto "Mixing")


Tutti i prezzi sono IVA inclusa. Se sei possessore di una VAT Europea verificabile via VIES, l'IVA sarà rimborsata via paypal dopo le opportune verifiche.



Welcome in our Mixing Web Attended service!
Now you can easily purchase our online services.

You can interact via webcam with our Sound Engineers from your place and live the experience as if you were here with us listening in real time the audio streaming with no loss of quality.


Please note: the service in only by appointment. Once you've purchased the service you'll be contacted by our team to select an available slot.



(For Mixing by Stems take a look to "Mixing & Mastering" Item)


All prices include 22% VAT. If you own a VIES verifiable European VAT number, 22% VAT will be charged in cart and once VIES check will result positive, VAT tax will be refunded via PayPal (Article 41, paragraph 1, lett. (a), L.427/93.)

Mixing 24|48 Tracks - Web Attended Session

€ 430,00Prezzo
Varianti Mixing
  • Send your tracks via wetransfer (max 6 mins per track) to booking@forwardstudios.it and include some references about the sound you'd like to achieve.

  • We accept files in WAV format at 44.1, 48, 96  - 16 or 24 bit.

    Files must be consolidated or bounced all from the same start point of your song. All files must be of the same sample rate and bit depth.

    When you're printing your tracks allow some headrooms in order to avoid clipping or distortion.

    All tracks must be already tuned and edited correctly.

    If vocal tuning or editing is needed you have to provide us the right information and we will send you a quotation for the extra service.

    Please give us mono or stereo files, clearly named and without audio clipping.

    The audio files files need to be supplied dry, without reverbs or effects. However, if you have a specific effect as an integral part of the sound, it's better to provide us the processed version plus a ‘dry safety’ version.

    Please add as much as information as possible (technical or not) about your track and what you want.

    Bounce any midi / virtual instruments track – we can only accept audio files.

    Would be great (not compulsory) if you can provide a rough mix and some reference songs. 

    TURNAROUND: Once you upload the tracks, it takes usually 5 working days per track up to 2 weeks for an album.
    One final revision is included in the workflow in order to get the song as you like. 

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