Yes, because the characteristics of our recording studios lend themselves to being ideal for "old-style" projects.

       Why Forward Studios?

  • Working in a professional recoding studio is a huge experience in terms of emotions and chance of boosting your professional network.

  • We’re still considered one of the best recording studios in Europe.

  • We’re the right place to start and finish your production, keeping the sound you desire from recording to mastering.

  • Thanks to our strategic location (Rome-Grottaferrata) it’s so easy and affordable to reach us from all over Europe.

  • Today a professional recording studio in not so expensive as it used to.

  • By working in a professional studio, you’ll optimize your productive time.

  • Our perfect acoustic environments will help you to get your sound on the first try. It will avoid super massive post production work.

  • Our technicians are professionals but first of all they do love music and together you’ll make your experience unique. They will lead you to the goal, quickly and at the best.



  • sun, food, art, great mood and professionalism in the same place… in a unique place, actually.

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Phone +39 06.9454.6481

Viale San Bartolomeo, 32  00046 Grottaferrata RM, Italy

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