Artists love this Recording Studio,

Make the difference in maximum comfort.

The Caesar, our primary studio represents one of the largest control room ever built in the world (110 sm, acoustic environment excluded)

The acoustic treatment was made by Mr. Francis Manzella's - FM Design Ltd. TEC Award-winning acoustic designer. Mr. Manzella also designed our Augustus Mastering Studio and he has improved other our Studios and acoustic rooms.

Thanks to the great analog console AMS Neve 88R 72Ch - 144 automated fader with Total Recall, and thanks to the state of the art monitoring systems, the studio allows you to live your music at the top in terms of quality of sound, comfort and production flow.

Caesar studio is a very universal studio and it is the best expression of control room, reason why it's often chosen by the most important national and international productions who want to spend their time improving their works at maximum levels.

The room can be connected up to 6 live rooms / booths for a perfect soundproofing. It helps in case of complex recording set-up or for shooting any music videos in the studio. The Caesar studio is also equipped with a 5.1 and 7.1 monitoring system to perform Dolby Digital and DTS surround formats.


For all these reasons, the Caesar Studio is the best choice in terms of technology, comfort and quality.

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Phone +39 06.9454.6481

Viale San Bartolomeo, 32  00046 Grottaferrata RM, Italy

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